Kanioar Karan, PhD student working on the ALPS project.



Nina Bode, PhD student working on high power laser for gravitational wave detectors.
The LIGO Reference System is similiar to the LIGO Detector Pre-Stabilized Laser Systems . Famous for detecting gravitational waves for the first time.


The lasers infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Still it could damage eyes in nanoseconds.


The ALPS experiment will be used to detect dark matter candidates.

Apl. Prof. Dr. Benno Willke, Group Leader Laser Development



Marina Trad Nery, PhD student working on the Radiation Pressure Noise Experiment.

Chip with mikrooszillators, that are sensitive to radiation pressure noise.


100 years after Einstein predicted gravitational waves. The reference system allows the scientist to run experiments without disturbing the LIGO detector.

Joscha Heinze, PhD student working on squeezed laserlight in the Laguerre Gauss 33 Mode.
This vacuumchamber is hosting an alternative power stabilization experiment.

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