Marou Chocolate — Two crazy french guys who went to vietnam to make chocolate.   

One of the farmers is harvesting the cocoa pots. The have thousands of color variations, which are not decisive for the taste – because all of them will have their special flavor.

After the harvest the pod is stored for another couple of days. During this period it will build more sugar, which is necessary for the next steps.
Even though Mr. Lau doesn’t speak any english, he almost always understood what we have been talking about. He started growing cacao only 10 years ago. Now his bar is the best seller of Marou’s Chocolate.

Mr. Lau doesn’t use any instruments. He knows by experience when the fermenting beans have to be turned to get oxygen more oxygen in. Temperature and humidity effect the fermentation a lot.

If the inside appears to look a little bit like a walnut, the bean was properly fermented and dried.


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