Gracias a Dios — A beautiful place where Mezcal becomes your favourite taste.   


In 2017/2018 Franziska Cieslar and I founded GOOD ONE. We got inspired during our travels and discovered that you’ll always find passion and beauty at different places and within other cultures. 

We’re all work in progress. Growing together trough things we love – this is our aim. This is what we fight for.

5.30 am. We’re finding ourselves on a field, in the middle of Oaxaca, close to Santiago Matatlàn.
We accompany the workers of Gracias a Dios to become a part of the process to create smoky mezcal, made from fire and earth.

Oaxaca is famous for it‘s mezcal. In the village of Matatlan almost everyone is working in Mezcal.
The pina‘s get as heavy as 50kg.
Mezcallero Carlos was taught how to make mezcal by his mother. She opened her eyes and he‘s thanking the gods for it.

to their core agave are building sugar, until a tree starts growing from the middle. Leaves falling down like a phoenix. This is when they harvest the pína.
The workers like to start early. At 4 o‘clock they‘re starting the fire, which will cook the agave for 5 days.
Slowly after putting the stones, the heat cathces their surfaces until the morning air starts to swirl in the rise of the new hot day.
A special wood from oaxaca is used for the fire.
1 ton weights the stone which grinds the cooked agave. Gabiolita, the horse sets her own pace, is never forced and is doing this exercise for 3-4 hours a day not more.

After up to 10 days of fermentation the juice is being destilled. Starting at almost 80% and finishing with 20%.Becoming a mixture of 45%


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