Geo 600






Driving through apple trees in Sarstedt you will find yourself at the GEO 600 gravitational wave detector.

From this location, only 20 km from Hannover away, scientists are listening to the stars, thousands of light years away..waiting for events of universe scale to happen! Like 2 Black Holes colliding and sending a shockwave through the pattern of 4 dimensional spacetime fabric which we call gravitational waves.

“Everytime a tractor is driving close to one of the detector arms on the field… we cannot use that data!”

A gravitational wave detector measures the distance between two points using laser light. Scientist know exactly how much time the light is supposed to take to travel the 600 m long arms of GEO 600. If it takes longer than expected there is a chance that the way was a tiny little bit longer than before and an interstellar event was detected.

To get the cleanest data every little bit of noise needs to be measured and offset with the output. That’s even the waves at the north sea and every earthquake world wide with a magnitude stronger than 4.0!

PhD Aparna Bisht

Dr. Severin Nadji

Geo 600 is part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, which for the first time directly detected gravitational waves in September 2015. And was honored with the physics nobel prize in 2017.


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